Battle Rattle Best Book of the Year Giveaway!

Anyone who's been following my writing over the past year is aware that Battle Rattle has been a best-seller multiple times this year in a few different categories. Just last week Battle Rattle was included in a new program called "Prime Reading" that Amazon has started. You can read more about that here: Prime Reading. This has helped Battle Rattle to be a best-seller in both Literary Fiction and in War Genre Fiction. (Check out the literary fiction list here: Best-seller Lists!)

None of this would be possible without readers, of course. And in order to continue trying to find more readers, I've started a giveaway for Battle Rattle today that you can go to here: Battle Rattle Giveaway! What I am asking for is help spreading the word about this giveaway. I can't do it alone, and each retweet and share that happens helps me to reach a wider audience.

The other news I'm sharing is that Battle Rattle is also 99 cents for the next four days to celebrate its best-seller status.

I'm doing this also as a way to spread the word about my collection of linked stories and novellas that is due out in the next few weeks. 


Battle Rattle and Other Stories is almost ready, and I am excited as ever to share that book with the world. I've been so lucky to get the reviews people have written so far, and I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to do that. A writer with no readers isn't much of anything. And having readers who are willing to share their enjoyment of my work with the world is a serious blessing. Hopefully, somehow, this post cuts through some of the ugliness that's drowning social media this week. 

Battle RattleWaiting for the Enemy, and Battle Rattle and Other Stories are all stories that deal with PTSD that stems from different sources. And as much as I'd like to sit here and sell you the book with my own words, I am lucky enough that I can point you to the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads that do a better job than I can. (Amazon Reviews, and here is the Goodreads Page.)

Thanks so much for reading, and please share this post with friends and family who have any interest in military fiction, or PTSD. It's been compared to Jesus' Son, The Things They Carried, and Catch-22. And as a guy who's studied those books for hundreds of hours, I couldn't be more flattered by that.