Battle Rattle Proofing Round 2 Complete

After a long weekend of dealing with some self-created irritation (I deleted a working file instead of a PDF, and I had to redo about five hours of formatting...), Battle Rattle and Other Stories is almost ready to go to press.

In addition to finishing up this collection of linked novellas and stories, I'm hard at work on Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault with Tim Johnston at Little Presque Books, and I'm finishing up a "how-to" for this wonderful company iStudio Publisher (I used their program to design the interior of Battle Rattle and Other Stories), and I am also trying to make headway on a new novel. So this is a busy time for me, and would be so even if Shannon wasn't running around and laughing and distracting me in awesome ways while Tina grows closer and closer every day to bringing our second daughter onto the scene. 

I'll give an exact release date for Battle Rattle and Other Stories as soon as it's ready. I am excited to share this book because it includes both Battle RattleWaiting for the Enemy, and a new short novel High Desert Rats: the story of what Derrick Vezchek and his high school friends were doing in the Mojave Desert in 2000, before Derrick joined the USAF.   

And, iI'm not just excited about the contents of the book; look at that cover! Eric Smallwood has done some amazing work to make this book beautiful, and I am so glad that we're continuing to make art together long after our band dissolved. 

Thanks again to everyone for your support. This has been a big year for me, and it's gonna get bigger.


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