Battle Rattle and Other Stories Release Date is November 11th, 2016!

Battle Rattle and Other Stories (my collection of linked novellas and stories) will be released on Veterans Day: November 11th, 2016. 

The cover that Eric Smallwood did is amazing and I can't wait to see other people holding it in their hands. I've been happy with the covers before, but this one is my favorite for a lot of reasons. There is not greater joy than collaborating on art with friends and then getting to share that art with the world (or see it on the shelf at a bookstore.) 


Over the next couple weeks I'll be doing a lot of reminders and promotional stuff. I have to tell people what the new book High Desert Rats (which is the short-novel making its debut in this book) is all about. And I'll have some other news to share as well.

The most important thing for me to share, though; is that November 11th, 2016 is the day Battle Rattle and Other Stories will be available, and that is Veterans Day. It's funny how the time-line ended up like this, but it's fitting. I guess I do write about the military and I am a Veteran, so what better day to release the book? 

Thanks to all who've followed me on Amazon or twitter (@brandonsbass) and to everyone who has ever even mentioned my name in a conversation about fiction or nonfiction. More to come soon. Thanks so much to everyone for your support.