Battle Rattle and Other Stories: What is High Desert Rats?

Battle Rattle and Other Stories will be available on November 11th, 2016.

Funniest joke blurb award goes to Hugh J. Martin: "Jennings rides with The Red Cavalry."

Funniest joke blurb award goes to Hugh J. Martin: "Jennings rides with The Red Cavalry."

I wanted to share the description for High Desert Rats with everyone today, so that anybody who is wondering what this "new book" to be included in the collection is has some idea.

I'm not a "cares about spoilers" kind of guy (the way I measure a book's value is by how many times I reread it), but I know there are people out there who do care about spoilers, so I'm not going to tell you everything that the book's about. And I guess if you could do that in a couple sentences, then you wouldn't have much of a book anyway.

Here's the description for High Desert Rats:

In the summer of 2000, Sean doesn’t want Derrick to join the USAF and leave him in the Mojave Desert. But it seems there’s nothing Sean can do to change Derrick’s mind, and the one thing Sean desperately wants to tell Derrick is exactly the thing Sean fears will end their friendship forever.

So what is there to know if you've already read Battle Rattle, and Waiting for the Enemy or one of the two books? 

High Desert Rats takes place the summer before Derrick Vezchek joins the USAF. It is the same Derrick who narrates stories in both Waiting for the Enemy and Battle Rattle. High Desert Rats is narrated by Sean, though. So if you want a chance to see Derrick in a different way than you've seen him before, you'll get your chance on November 11th, 2016.

And finally, for anyone who's read Battle Rattle, maybe this painting will be familiar? Kaylynn hated it; I can't see why. There are some pretty colors in there. But I figure Tina wouldn't let me hang this on our bedroom wall either.