800 likes on FB Free Book Promotion!

As a thank you to all the folks who have taken the time to find and "like" my Facebook Author Page over the last few months, I am going to offer Waiting for the Enemy for free starting on Thursday, and it will last until Friday. This promotion is also part of my campaign to get the word out about my upcoming collection of stories Battle Rattle and Other Stories that will be released in the next few weeks (barring any disasters). 


There is no catch here. If you want to give Waiting for the Enemy a try to see what my writing is all about, then you can do it for free starting on Thursday. Just go here, download it to your kindle or to any device that has the Kindle app, and then you can read it or not read it at your leisure.

I have more exciting news to come about other writing developments that I'll be starting in on before long, and I have some positive news about things going on with friends' work that I'm excited to share too. 

If you liked Waiting for the Enemy, please tell your friends that they can get it free starting Oct. 7. But it will only be free for 2 days. On October 9th it will be 2.99 again. So get in there and grab it while the window is still open. Last time I did this WFTE hit number two on the free war books chart. Maybe this time it'll hit #1.