Free Audio Copy of Battle Rattle Available for Review.

Are you or is anyone you know looking for a free copy of Battle Rattle on Audiobook? Do you want to write a review of the audiobook version on a website where people who listen to audiobooks go for reviews about audiobooks?

There is one copy available at Audiobook Jukebox for review right now.

This website is run and maintained by a husband and wife team (Susan and Jeff), and they are doing an amazing thing to help little guys like myself to reach a wider audience. So even if you couldn't care less about PTSD and how it affects military families (in and outside of war), then there has got to be a book or two available on their site that you wouldn't mind writing a couple hundred words about in order to get your ears on a free copy. 

Here is where you go to request my book for review: Battle Rattle

If you just want to poke around on their site, then follow the first link in the post. It's hard to believe that there are so many people working this hard on the internet to help others share their work with the world and to help people feel more confident in taking a chance on a writer they might never have heard of or read before.

Thanks to Susan and Jeff for running this site. Thanks, too, to for getting in touch with David Drummond and with me and making this Audiobook happen. 

And, finally, Waiting for the Enemy will be free starting tomorrow until Friday at midnight. So if you haven't picked up a copy, then your chance to do it completely free is coming up.