Waiting for the Enemy #1 Free Kindle Single and #18 Free War Book

Since Waiting for the Enemy went free on Friday, it has hit #1 on the Kindle Singles Free charts, and it peaked at #18 Free War Books chart yesterday. Last time a free promotion went down, Waiting for the Enemy made it all the way to #2 on the Free War Books chart. 

Why does this matter? 

This matters because if the book is at the top of the chart, then anyone looking at those charts, trying to find something to read is more likely to see Waiting for the Enemy and also Battle Rattle. So it matters to me. It, of course, doesn't have to matter to you. But if you don't mind helping spread the word about this free promotion or about my #readingrecsfortrump list that is growing daily, then you'd be doing me a great kindness.

All of this is important to me for a host of reasons. One of those reasons is that this is what I do. I write, and in order to keep writing, I need to get my books into the hands of readers so that readers know that I have books and that they can find those books on Amazon (and soon elsewhere.) This is also important to me because the rate of veteran suicide is unacceptable. My writing centers around this issue much of the time, and because of that, I've ended up heading down this particular path of spreading information.

To everyone who's shared my posts in the past, thank you. And to anyone who takes the time to share them in the future, thank you too. Some people believe that books (fiction and nonfiction) don't make a difference for a thing like PTSD. But I know from first hand experience that they do. Reading and writing helped me, and it has helped many others. So if sharing this or the #readingrecsfortrump post (that I am so happy to see grow each day from so many great recommendations all over the place) helps to prevent a single suicide (veteran or civilian), then it is worth it to me. 

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