Battle Rattle and Other Stories Available Now!

It's here, and it's ready, and I'm excited to now be able to offer those people who asked for a physical copy of Battle Rattle and Waiting for the Enemy both of those books as well as my new short novel High Desert Rats in a single book that you can order no matter where you are. I hadn't planned on releasing the book on Veterans Day, but so it goes. A veteran releases a book about veterans on Veterans Day.




There are multiple ways to order, and it's my hope that those of you who are in towns with indie bookstores that you care about will soon be able to get a copy by heading to the store you like to buy from. (You can request it at your local store, and if there are any issues, you could tell me, and I can talk with them. No big deal.)

This link is how you get the book directly from me: No Middle Man.

This is how you order it if you have Amazon Prime: Middle Man.

Honestly I have no preference how you buy the book. I just hope you do, and more than that, I hope you read it; that's the end goal. And if any of you happen to get a copy into your hands and are willing to snap a picture of yourself or your dog or your cat or gerbil (or an otter, if you're the coolest person in the universe) holding the book, then please send it along so I can post those photos on social media and my blog and so on. If you don't want me to post your picture, then let me know. But, also, why would you send me a picture if you don't want me to post it? If you are considering sending me pictures that you don't want me to post, then please keep them to yourself.

All right. So here it is, Veterans Day 2016. My first collection is available for purchase, and I'm soon to be a father to another daughter. It's a swirl of emotions right now, and I'm reminded of why I chose to write fiction despite earning a degree in journalism. There is more truth in fiction than journalism. That shouldn't be. But I believe it's true. Of course that doesn't really matter if the right people don't read. Still, you have to keep writing or else someone who's frustrated and confused might not ever have a chance to read the words that helped him understand that he is not alone and that the world can be a good place even when there is a lot of ugliness in it.