Thanks for making Battle Rattle and Other Stories a Best-Seller!

Battle Rattle and Other Stories was released officially yesterday, and it reached #27 in the American Fiction Anthologies category. The category is a weird one, having everything from Henry David Thoreau, to Maggie Nelson, to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. I really don't know why Amazon put my book into a category like this, but I guess I don't really know why the other books are in it either. (I only linked to the Maggie Nelson book, because who cares about the other two?)

Regardless of the reason it is in the category, it is now a best-seller in that category, and I am extremely thankful to each and every one of the people who picked up a copy. 

I don't have a whole lot more to say on this today. It's Saturday, and yesterday was Veterans Day, and I am hoping to take care of these leaves that aren't going to rake themselves no matter how many books I sell. 

All of you who shared my posts yesterday or commented or whatever despite what was going on in your lives, thank you so much. 

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Thanks again to every one who's helped out in whatever way you were able. 

This is Dorfmund. He's excited too.

This is Dorfmund. He's excited too.