Always Be Drafting

And the typing continues.

And the typing continues.

Now that Battle Rattle and Other Stories is out of my hands, I have to get back into the grind with my new novel. This one is connected to all the other stories, and it seems like it was inevitable that things would evolve that way. I find it hard to let things go, and the more and more I write about these characters, the more and more I understand about the place where the live.

I can't say how or when this next book will come your way, but it will. And then the next one, and the next one, and the wheels on the bus.

Thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy, and a big thank you to Marie Houghton who recently wrote a kind review of Waiting for the Enemy on Amazon; just in case anyone else was considering it, I don't recommend reading any of my work while you're at Disneyland: unless you're too happy and you're looking for a "push outside of your comfort zone." Facts are facts. It's been a while since I saw anyone review WFTE,  and it makes me so glad that I had the nerve to send it to Kindle Singles after it went out of print. I'm so happy that Iron Horse Literary Review took that book of stories that helped to propel me along this path. 

"Work work," as the Orc peons told me back in the olden days when I clicked on them in Durotan. (Sorry if you don't know anything about World of Warcraft.) Believe in what you're doing, and good things can happen for you. One collection of stories in the world, and a book of essays soon to come. And there's a heck of a lot where that all came from. 

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