Signed Copies Going into the Mail Soon!


Beckett has other plans for these copies of Battle Rattle and Other Stories.

The copies of Battle Rattle and Other Stories have arrived, and I will be signing them and shipping them this week. Beckett is either guarding them (which would be odd because he is afraid of shadows) or he is in love with another cardboard box. 

I'll be in touch with all who've asked for a signed copy to let you know when the book is on the way. And, of course, if you still want one, I can make it happen. You just have to contact me.

Another way to get a signed copy (for free) is by entering the Goodreads Giveaway. And if you know anyone who might be interested, then you could let them know about the giveaway; it's free to enter, and it costs you nothing whether you win or lose.

Thanks again to everyone who's bought a book so far and for continuing to help spread the word about the book.