Brandon's Book Blarnings: Where do we go from here?

Because I wanted to make sure there was a recurring theme with this blog, "Brandon's Book Blarnings", I have decided that the smartest thing to do is just chronicle the work it takes to get a book written, revised, and then all the heartache that comes from querying agents and being rejected a million times before publication. Of course, if it comes to it, then I'll be talking about how to do it on my own. 

The book I am working on presently (I'll reveal the title eventually) is a book that was ripped out of the novel that I finished drafting earlier this year. There are a few avenues for publication that I'm thinking about pursuing with this one; one of those avenues is the Kindle Scout program. But I'd still prefer to go with a traditional publisher so that I can get an advance and worry less about how many books I have to sell while competing with books from big publishers and other indies and self-published authors. 

I am not really planning this to be an advice column, though there will likely be some advice tossed into the mix as I go along because, well, it's silly not to offer advice once in a while when you have experience in a field. I seek advice from rando's on the internet all the time, and then I evaluate that advice and experiment then come to my own conclusions afterward.

So here we go. Brandon's Book Blarnings' main focus will be the life of my novel in progress. There will still be news about my other books and some random stuff tossed into the mix too, but for the most part, I'll be talking about how things are progressing with the new book. I won't be talking about the plot or the character development or any of that until much later, when the book is actually "finished". And what I mean by that is that the book will not be revised any more in a serious way. Right now there are a lot of choices to make regarding character situations and structure and I am not committing to that stuff until I can see the book as a whole (there's some advice already).

I've heard good things about the Kindle Scout program and it's possible that I'll just go that route while working with Eric Smallwood (who did the cover for Battle Rattle and Other Stories and whose work can be seen here: So far we've been able to make art together that we are both happy with, and the more we do, the better we'll get and you already know about that whole work hard and practice and you can get good at something.

This was mostly meant as an update post for any of you who are reading the blog and wondering what is going on. This is what is going on. And it's what will be going on until this project is done. Thanks so much for reading, and if you haven't already, sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page. You will only get an email when I release a book or a little movie or a CD or a line of knitting needles knitted from knurgles.