The Literary Review and Goodreads Giveaway!

Amelia Fisher reviewed Battle Rattle at The Literary Review, and she had a ton of nice things to say about the book. This came on the same day that Amazon offered to keep Battle Rattle in their prime reading program, and also on a day that Kindle Singles has agreed to take a look at the new book I've been working on.  

So if you haven't read Battle Rattle yet, or if you are trying to convince someone else that they should read it, then maybe this review will help convince them to give it a shot. Here is Amelia Fisher's review: A Review of Battle Rattle.

Thank you, Amelia :)

And for anyone who doesn't like to read books on a device, my collection of stories, Battle Rattle and Other Stories, is available right now on amazon or, if you want a signed copy, we can set that up through paypal. All you have to do is contact me, and we can get it working. 

Thanks so much tor everyone for your support. More news as it comes. And I don't want to guilt anyone into buying the new book, but I have another daughter on the way (December 10th), and she's gonna be smart like her mother and her sister and that means I am gonna need a lot of money to pay for their schooling. (Cough* Cough*)

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Battle Rattle and Other Stories by Brandon Davis Jennings

Battle Rattle and Other Stories

by Brandon Davis Jennings

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