Battle Rattle and Other Stories: Released This Friday

It is almost time to open the gates and let Battle Rattle and Other Stories into the world, so I can finally get on top of all these other projects and, of course, to prepare for my second daughter's arrival in early December. Some people have asked for signed copies, and for anyone who is interested in getting one of those, all you have to do is talk to me directly and we can set something up. If you live a million miles from me, then we can figure out the shipping and so on, and if you live in town, then you can either buy it and try to meet me somewhere; or, when I get a reading set up, we can take care of it then.

I'm excited as hell that the book is coming out on Veterans Day for a bunch of reasons. I've been surrounded by Veterans my whole life; men and women in my family, my wife's family, and many of my friends are Veterans or have family members who are. The military has played a major role in my life, and I was lucky enough to enlist and serve for a while too. I didn't always enjoy my job, but doing it made me respect the freedom I have. 

I'd hoped to release the book while my parents were visiting this week, but it just wasn't time. So we did a little pre-celebration last night; I drank one Rochefort 10 and Tina had a cream soda. My dad fell asleep two minutes after he congratulated me, and then everyone else just went to bed too. This makes me glad because having it turn out that way made me realize that I don't want anything more than that. I've got more books to write, and the world doesn't stop once you've finished a project. 

I don't want to clutter this up with a bunch of stuff about new projects, though, So I'll just say, again, thank you to everyone who's helped make this possible. 

Battle Rattle and Other Stories is coming your way November 11th.