Waiting for the Enemy #1 Free War Book on Amazon!

I nearly forgot that I'd planned a free promotion for Waiting for the Enemy until yesterday morning (when it started). So I was shocked to find that over four hundred people grabbed a copy yesterday helping to get Waiting for the Enemy to the #1 spot on the free amazon war books charts. 

And, incidentally, Battle Rattle has crept back into the top 100 Kindle Singles fiction chart. This is all great news, and I am so grateful to everyone who has bought a book, grabbed a free copy, or mentioned the work to any of their friends. 

For all those of you who've written reviews, thank you so much. It really does a lot to help people take a chance on a writer who's not backed by a giant press, and although Amazon did work with me on these books, they aren't spending any money to help me promote them. (Aside from their algorithms and their website and all the other things that are awesome: for instance, I can run a free promotion for my book and it costs me nothing and gets my book into the hands of new potential fans and so on.) So they are doing a lot, but they aren't sending the books to the New York Times book review. 

And I know some people are skeptical of amazon reviews or goodreads reviews, so for anyone who doesn't trust those, I am linking to the most recent reviews of Battle Rattle here:

War, Literature and the Arts This review starts on page 5 of the link. And here is a quote from Frank Fucile's review:

"In his novella Battle Rattle, Brandon Davis Jennings inevitably positions himself as the descendant of postmodernists such as Joseph Heller and Tim O’Brien while standing alongside other twenty-first-century veteran fiction writers such as Kevin Powers and Phil Klay. What separates Jennings from these better-known authors is his unwillingness to entertain the notion that his writing might actually illuminate something about the experience of war. In comparison to the gleefully dark meaninglessness of Battle Rattle, the horror and absurdity of Heller’s gags or the compulsive amorality of O’Brien’s reiterations of events seem nearly as quaint as the moral formulations those writers sought to overturn."

The Literary Review. Here is a quote from Amelia Fisher's review:

"Battle Rattle provides a visceral window into the nail-biting boredom Vez faces, suburban claustrophobia mixing nauseously with the lingering tension of conflict. The only people truly capable of understanding what Vez is going through are his fellow soldiers. In combat, they had each other’s backs by shooting the guys that might have shot them first. Off the battlefield, protecting each other is not so simple." 

Waiting for the Enemy is still free today, and, of course, Battle RattleHigh Desert Rats, or my collection that includes all three of those book Battle Rattle and Other Stories are all available on amazon right now. Thanks for your support.

All the books (except the physical copy) are available on Kindle Unlimited. So, you know, you can still read them without buying them if you have Kindle Unlimited. 

Yeah. That's it. Happy Monday.