Waiting for the Enemy Teaser

If it hasn't been obvious, I've been working on animations recently because there is a lot of lag time between writing a story, revising a story, and then waiting to hear if someone out there in the publishing world is interested in publishing your story (or if an agent is interested in representing you and your story...which is really just the beginning of another period of waiting around.) I used to let this get me down and drive me a little bit crazy, using booze and video games to distract myself. That, I must say, was not very effective. 

So I'm posting this little ditty to start making it clear that my youtube channel is up, and that it will, eventually, have more on it. Right now there isn't much, but perhaps any of you who are looking for an easy way to show someone what Waiting for the Enemy  is about, then this little teaser with a link to the page on my website might be easier. 

Here is the teaser: Waiting for the Enemy

I want to thank everyone this year who has taken the time out of their schedules to review any of my books or to tell people about them (Good and bad reviews: seriously). This has been the most productive and successful year for me so far as an author, and that is all due to the help and support of friends and family. 

I hope everyone has a great end to the year and that you enter 2017 energized and ready to tackle whatever challenges that present themselves.