Battle Rattle and Other Stories Proofs!

I mentioned a while back that I was working on the physical edition of Battle Rattle and Waiting for the Enemy; that was true. And now I'm excited to announce that the proofs for what has turned into a story collection (two linked novellas and some linked stories), Battle Rattle and Other Storiesare on the way.

This was a crazy and complicated project despite what I had hoped would be just a few simple steps. I was wrong, but I've been wrong before, and even though I was wrong about how easy it was gonna be, I learned a lot, got to work on the cover with one of my best friends, Eric Smallwood (check his site out here: Eric's Smallwood's website). 

So what is Battle Rattle and Other Stories?

Simple: This physical book will include both best-selling Kindle Singles (Battle Rattle and Waiting for the Enemy) as well as a new novella (High Desert Rats).

How are these stories connected? 

These stories are connected by the characters within them. High Desert Rats is the story of what happened before Derrick Vezchek joined the military in 2000. I'll fill you in with the whole description that'll be listed on Amazon when the book goes on sale later. All that matters for the moment is that all these stories are connected, and they belong in a book together, and in order to offer a physical edition that I was going to be proud to release, I thought the best thing I could do would be to give you a story that you cannot get anywhere else.

What's the cover?

Cover Design by Eric Smallwood

Cover Design by Eric Smallwood

This is the front of the wrap-around cover (I didn't include the backside with the blurbs because I'll be posting that a bunch later anyway. I couldn't be happier with i.he way this turned out Eric spent way more time than he should've working on this to make it great, and I'm excited to see how it turned out on the physical book when it arrives soon.

How long is the book?

Right now it's about 250 pages. Two Novellas and three short stories. Two of the stories that were once part of Waiting for the Enemy were "absorbed" by the new novella: High Desert Rats. Those stories were always intended to be chapters in a novel anyway, so now they are back where they belong and can be read the way I had intended all along.


Ideally Battle Rattle and Other Stories will be finished and ready for purchase by the middle of October 2016. I can't guarantee that, of course, because I want to make sure it is as perfect as humanly possible.

There's not much else to say at this point other than I'm excited that in just a short time, barring any kind of insanity, Battle Rattle and Other Stories will be available on Amazon, and perhaps, a few other places as well. Obviously if you want to buy it at an Indie Book Store, then you can tell me or tell them and somebody might just be able to make that happen.

Thanks to everyone for your support.