The Red Book 5-Star Review and so on.

 Calvin and Hobbes meets Tank Girl.

Calvin and Hobbes meets Tank Girl.

Phew. Things are starting to get back on track as far as art and writing go. I've been silent for a while because there was a lot of stuff going on with moving and unpacking and all the other little things that have to get done when you move into a new house. There is still a lot to do, but I am happy I'm able to do it and grateful to have the minor annoyances that come with moving into a place where my wife and I chose to move.

The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault has been reviewed a few times now on amazon for anyone who wants to see what other folks have had to say about it, and there German version of Waiting for the Enemy was released on October 24th by Amazon Publishing (in case you read German and want to read my book translated by Like Schoenfeld.) 

I am linking here to the most recent review of The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault written by Tim Bazzett. 

Tim Bazzett's Review can be read by clicking the button below:

I am in the middle of these two kid's books and working on some other stuff that is highly unrelated to the work I spent the last ten years on, and it feels good to move away from it for a while. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of The Red Book and to everyone who's taken the time to call or to write me a note and say some kind words about it. It means a lot to me. I hope this book does something to help someone out there who feels alone, angry, and helpless. All right. Happy pre-Halloween.

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