Dr. Househusband has arrived on Patreon

Hello everyone. 

This has been a crazy couple of years, (books with amazon and audible and an anthology I did with my buddy Eric Smallwood), and I don't think things will get any less hectic because of the real awesome achievements that Tina and I have made: keeping two little girls alive and healthy. But knowing that things are going to stay hectic hasn't stopped me from working; the world doesn't stop spinning just because you're a parent, even if it does seem like it's spinning away from you on the hardest nights.

So the update here is that I am still hard at work trying to sell my most recently finished novel The Bombmaker's Wife and I am working on another novel about Derrick Vezchek and Rake and all the characters in Waiting for the Enemy and Battle Rattleand High Desert Rats.

But like humans are supposed to do, I am adapting to the stimuli around me. In order to keep on making art (assuming you consider comics and cartoons art) while I also try to sell art (literature and children's books alike) to publishers, I have decided to make a comic strip about a househusband with a wife and two daughters. I have no idea where the idea for this comic came from....

The comic is Dr. Househusband, and you can find out more about the comic on Patreon. You do not have to give me anything to read the comic. If you want to shell out a buck or two, I will gladly take it. But I don't want anyone to think that I expect them to give me money for this. 

There are goals and patron tiers and all kinds of stuff that you can read more about on the page, and the comics are going up already. I wish I could say that there'd be a new one every Sunday, but I have two little girls under two and a lot of other stuff going on that will likely make that kind of a schedule impossible to keep up. Maybe, though. 

If you have any interest at all in reading short, goofy comics about a dopey dad or if you have any interest at all in helping me out, then please share this with your friends and family. I appreciate any and all help in whatever form that help takes. 

Click the button below to see the Patreon Page and the rewards and goals and, of course, the comic.

One goal on the Patreon page that you can see is to reach an amount of $450. This amount is not something I believe I'll hit for a long time. But the money would go to me paying the fee to list my first book, Battle Rattle and Other Stories on Netgalley. That's not a small amount of cash, but supposedly getting your book up at Netgalley helps you get more reviews and get more readers and exposure and, ultimately, hopefully it'll get more people to read some stories about characters who represent a piece of America that I care deeply about. 

Okay, okay. I know. I was gone for a long time. I may go back underwater for a while again. But I wanted to let everyone know that I am so thankful for all the help, the reviews, the kind words in texts and emails, the pictures, the requests for signed copies and so on. There would be no reason to do any of this if it wasn't for you all. Thanks a million times.