Dr. Househusband

Hey all.

So this blog has become what I figured it would have to be one day. I am going to be writing about what I am working on, and I'll write about what I'm reading, and as things progress with books (in whatever form I am making them), this will be where that news shows up.

Right now, as my queries float in cyber space, waiting to hear back about my newest work of fiction The Bombmaker's Wife, I am building my comic series about Dr. Househusband. You can see all the comics so far on my patreon page here: Dr. Househusband. 

I'll be sending out an official launch email soon (sorry if you hate email blasts). But for now I am still trying to get the videos and stuff shot so that people who visit the page can see that I am an actual person and not just a Russian robot. 

To everyone who has supported the comic so far (in any way at all) thank you so much. It means a lot to me. There will be much more to come with this character and his family. So anybody who is looking for something from me that is not about PTSD or war or anxiety and depression, this will be the way to get it. As much as I like sitting around and thinking about all the horrible things going on in the world all the time, it does wear on me (I wrote three books about it already this year, so I need a break). Hopefully this comic strip, the animations, and all the silliness that goes along with those things will help bring some people a little joy when they need a break from what seems like nothing but bad news all the time.

Here's a single panel from the comic that I hope you'll enjoy. If you like it, please head over to my patreon page and subscribe. You don't have to spend any money. Just a follow is a huge deal. Thanks for your time.