Battle Rattle Free for four days and BT5K!

As I head into all this new work, I wanted to take this chance to give anyone who is thinking about reading my kindle singles a chance to do so...for free. Battle Rattle is free from today (March 30th) until this Sunday.

The book has moved out of prime reading where it was free for Amazon Prime members (and I got paid a little bit to make it happen, thankfully), but now it is free to anyone who has the kindle app for a short time. All you have to do is download the book, and then read it or don't. No one will ask you to write a report. 

The last time I ran a free promo, Waiting for the Enemy made it to number 1 on the free war book chart for amazon, and I'd like to see Battle Rattle (it is #16 as of writing this post) do the same thing. I can't do it on my own, though. So hopefully I can get a little help from people spreading the word on social media and elsewhere. (Thanks to all who already have.)

The other thing that giving my book away is promoting is the BT5K run for brain cancer awareness that my family and I do each year. We started this back when Sharon, my wife's mother (and a great friend of mine) was diagnosed with a glioblastoma while Tina and I were at the Macha Mission Hospital in Zambia. Sharon wasn't given long to live, but she did everything she could, recovered from multiple brain surgeries, and spent a lot hours with friends and family laughing around the dining room table, and she never stopped having the sense of humor and love of life that made friendship with her instantaneous.

Here is the shirt that Nelle (one of my biggest fans and my sister-in-law) and I designed for this year's run:


I know that most of the people I'm friends with don't have money falling out their ears, so it isn't necessarily you I'm asking for donations from. I am, however, hoping that some of you might know a few people out there in the world who have a little more than they need and who might be interested in helping an organization that is making real progress in the fight against cancer. There are always people holding their hands out, and I know not everyone can help fight for every cause. But we can choose to fight for some or one, and when we do that, our example inspires others to do the same for causes that we may not even know about.

So, in short, have my best-selling book for free, tell people to get it for free, and, while you're doing it, see if they might be interested in tossing a few coins into the bucket to beat cancer so that some folks in the future may not have to lose someone they love to a disease that we can likely cure. You can donate or copy this link and share it wherever you like: Brandon's BT5K Page

Also, if you'd prefer to donate to someone else on my team (or a complete stranger), please do so. I'm not trying to win a donation prize. I just want to do all I can to try and help. It's not much, but sometimes all we can do is hold out our hand and hope that someone grabs it.