The Bombmaker's Wife Final Cover

The cover has been finalized, and here it is. Thank you to everyone who emailed and talked to me in person about this. Not a whole lot of time to babble on here since the deadline for the contest is the 19th, and I need to have the physical edition edited and formatted and so on in addition to the ebook. And, as you know, I have these amazing ladies in my life that are my first priorities. So here is the cover, and the description will follow soon. Also, there will be a series of news stories that go along with the book that will start running on a "News Blog" called The Riverside Tribune (named after the newspaper in the town where the majority of The Bombmaker's Wife is set) once the book is released this Friday (so long as everything goes according to plan; does it ever? No. It does not.)

Speaking of the plan, I hear a baby waking up. I'm on my way, Maddie!!!!!!