More Dubya Paint progress.

This is where I am today on this guy. Had planned on doing a watercolor background of a sandstorm, but then as I worked on that I started to see an aerial view of sand dunes instead. So I am going with that for the moment and maybe I'll change it up at some point. I don't know. I have about seven days left to finish it up, and at the moment, I'm pretty happy with the style and the way it's looking. I don't know if I'll change the colors of the background to make him stand out even more. I want the background to be sand (or representative of it) because I cannot hear his name without immediately remembering my time in the desert. Which is selfish because my time there was so short. Anyway. I'll be doing a video essay on this painting once I finish it up and that'll go up on the youtube channel whenever it's done. Feel free to send me any comments that you have about the painting. And again this isn't supposed to be "making fun" of him or creating an idol to worship. I'm just trying to understand him better without using words for once.