Happy Monday

Took a couple days off and then got back at it this portrait this morning. Dubya is coming along, and I am about to take my own advice about writing that I so often give to people who want me to reread the same story a hundred times. I believe it's time to paint something else or I will likely never get any better. The portrait is what it is going to be for the most part. I may make some more small detail adjustments when I get some time, but I am going to focus on getting the background right, and then I'll send it out and move on with my life. I have a kid's book about a millimeter away from sending to agents and I have my comic and I have to get back to working on some animations and the podcast and, of course, the next Riverside novel. I think I am supposed to spend time with my wife and daughters too....

Here are a few iterations of the portrait with the backgrounds. As I said previously, I am going to do a video essay to explain why I painted this because a lot of people have asked me why I would do it, and a lot of the time they began their line of questioning with "Do you like him" or "do you hate him" and my painting this portrait has nothing to do with either of those things. I don't like or hate him. This isn't about honoring George W. Bush or mocking him. It's about painting and improving as a person. But, as I already said, I'll have more to show and say on that later. 

Here you are. Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, or whatever. I hope you have a stellar week.