Battle Rattle coming to Print and new Review

Hey everyone. As you are aware, I am working on a lot of different projects currently. One that I am excited about is that the physical version of Battle Rattle, my best-selling Kindle Single that is available on Audible and on Amazon will soon be available as a stand-alone print book too. I think the cover art is pretty sick (I mean, I did it myself with a lot of trial and error and a lot of help from online resources and friends and family who took the time to say "that's bad" and "that's good".) So here is the RGB version of the cover that will appear on the print version of the book when it is released in the next couple of months. I will, of course, give you more info on this as I know for sure. I've still got this kid's book and a podcast about a fake town and I'm running a newspaper about a fake town and I also need to be a decent father when my girls are awake. 

In addition to this news, I wanted to publicly thank Raegen Pietrucha again for her generous review of Battle Rattle that appeared in Mid American Review and that is now posted to Goodreads for anyone in the universe to read. I've been fortunate to have a large number of readers who've just "got it" when it comes to this story, and that isn't something that happens often. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post reviews (good and bad) wherever you do so. A writer can't do much good if no one reads his work, and reviews help people to find new writers. All right. Happy Wednesday.

Here is the cover art: