Build a Page with Brando Youtube Series.

For those of you who are unaware, I've been working on some kids books for my daughters over the past few months. I have a couple already printed out (one using Pint Sized Productions and the other using Shutterfly: let me know if you want more info on that stuff)  that we read to the girls when I'm lucky enough for Shannon to choose Finn Fetches Numbers or So We Brought One Home. 

My own experience as a stay-at-home parent has shown me that if you are driven to do something, even if it means you have to wake up at 4 a.m. to do it, then you can. All it requires is enough desire, motivation (and the support of your loved ones) to make it happen. You can sleep when you're dead (just kidding. Go to bed earlier. You're just watching bad TV anyway.)

The Youtube channel will grow over time, adding some little cartoons and book trailers and so on. But for now I am just talking about the revisions I'm making as I finalize this book My Toys Are Your Toys Too which I hope to send out to agents at the end of the summer (and then if no one bites, I'll publish it on my own because there are so many great options for that now it is becoming silly not to consider if as a viable way to be a writer and earn a living. No more on that here because this is not that kind of blog.

If you are at all interested in digital art or if you just want to hear me talk about the kind of things that run through my head before the sun comes up, then you can do that here:

And if you want a little sample of what I've got going on over there but you don't want to leave my website because it is the most amazing place on the internet, then you can see that here:

That's it and that's all.