Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault is Coming!

For those of you who know me, I've been talking about a collection of essays that has been forthcoming for what seems like the last ten years. The book is titled: The Red book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault, and what I am here to say today is that the advanced review copies have arrived and that means this collection that I have worked on since 2007 is about to be released into the world by Tim Johnston at Little Presque Books

Here is front and back cover:

Right now I just wanted to share the cover and tell you all that I am so excited this book is finally going to be available. I cannot tell you how many hours of smashing keys it took to get this thing ready, and it never would've happened without the folks at Passage's North and Timston Johnston at Little Presque Books. A lot of other folks deserve, and will receive, thanks for their help on this.

I am currently looking for more reviewers and blurbs for the book. I'm going to send out a call in some military channels. I've been lucky so far to have Bruce Weigl agree to help me out; he's one of my literary heroes. So hopefully now that he's said yes it'll be easier for me to ask other writers I admire as well.

All right. Happy Thursday