Mwabonwa Published in Proximity

It has been a busy few weeks around here, and even as I type this up, Tina is on call and despite being glad the girls are both napping, I need them to wake up so I can go get some groceries in order to cook dinner later.... Here we are anyway.

I meant to post about my most recent essay publication specifically last week but didn't have a chance because I was working on so many other things and just never got to it.

Thank you to everyone who already shared the essay with friends and family. I really appreciate it. All I am really trying to do here internet-publicly thank Maggie Messitt and Brad Modlin for taking a look at the essay and for ultimately giving it a home before it makes its debut in the full book on Labor Day,

Here is the link to the essay and to the issue of Proximity where you can read it. Thanks so much.

Happy Monday.