Vote for The Bombmaker's Wife!

Last week I was notified by Underground Book Reviews that my newest novel The Bombmaker's Wife was selected as a Pitch Perfect Pitch finalist. This is. a big deal for me because there are not a lot of free outlets with a large readership for advertising and reviews in the indie publishing world. Underground Book Reviews is reposted on The Huffington Post and is a well-respected site in the world of indie publishing, and I am very glad that my book was selected for this. What happens if I win is that the book will be advertised to more than 3000 subscribers as well as anyone who visits the site while The Bombmaker's Wife is featured there.

Where do you come in?

This is an award you win based on the number of votes you receive. So I need people to go to the Underground Book Reviews Facebook page and select The Bombmaker's Wife as the winner on the poll there (assuming you don't prefer one of the other finalists, in which case please vote for the book of your choice). And the more votes I get the better my chances are at getting The Bombmaker's Wife in front of the eyes of a lot more readers than I have the ability to do on my own.

It is seriously an honor for me to be selected because this particular award is based on the sample and the book description. One of the hardest things to write for me is a book description because it requires that I reduce the whole book and all the things I believe it does down to a few sentences or less. And in addition to making it short and sweet, the description l needs to be interesting without being a plot summary. Because The Bombmaker's Wife  was nominated for this award, that means all those hours of scratching my head and smashing my keyboard paid off. (Who am I kidding? Shannon wrote it for me.)

So what I am asking of you is to click on the button below and take the poll on the Underground Book Reviews website. Vote for The Bombmaker's Wife, and then you're done. It costs you nothing but time and you'll earn some good karma. I'll be reposting this and talking about it a few times a week until the prize has been awarded. So please tell your friends and family to help out as well. And if you are into reading books written by new authors who are not the ones that the big 5 force down your throat, then take a look around The Underground Book Reviews site. Thanks so much and Happy 4th off July.