The Bombmaker's Wife Free on Kindle Today!

Hey there,

 Just some random painting I did.

Just some random painting I did.

I have been swamped lately with a lot of awesome things. My kindle single is finally getting released in German soon, a lot of blurbs have been coming in for The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault, and I am working on a logo for a company. All of that in addition to the regular day to day dadding activities. (Thank God the girls nap...most days).

The Bombmaker's Wife is actually free on Kindle today. It did not win the contest I entered, and the terms for it being available on amazon are nearly up, so I will soon pull it and pursue other means of publication for the book. So basically what I am saying is, if you want the book for free, then now is your chance to get it for free and potentially before it becomes a different book when a bunch of editors get their filthy hands on it and make me turn it into a Disney Movie (a bad one, I mean.)

Click the button below to get your free copy of The Bombmaker's Wife  before it's too late!