Natalie Giarratano talks about Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault

Natalie Giarratano, author of Big Thicket Blues, has been kind enough to read my forthcoming collection of essays and share some of her thoughts about my book publicly. Because of space limitations in the physical book, the blurbs will not be printed "in totality" (I bet you thought that was over with the eclipse, huh?) So I am going to be posting all the blurbs in full here on the Brandon's Book Blarning's Blog so that anyone who wants to see what some other folks thought about The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault thought about it before deciding to take my word that it is the most important book that has ever been written (by me). 

You can pick up a copy of Natalie's book Big Thicket Blues by clicking this button:

And now here is what Natalie's had to say about my book:

In The Red Book, Brandon Jennings kicks up the dust of his ghosts in confrontation with but also in celebration of all of the selves that have trudged through the mire of abuse, anger, loneliness, and apathy. He dismantles the easy binaries, including the expectations of toxic masculinity that are wrapped up in his upbringing and military experiences, through conversational wit and often devastating honesty. In reading these essays, one bears witness to the person who was once silent in his shame as he relentlessly sings his scars into a redeemed recognizability.  

—Natalie Giarratano, author of Big Thicket Blues

The Red Book ARC Front Cover Brandon Davis Jennings2017.jpg