Brad Modlin on The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault

I met Brad Modlin at BGSU back in my MFA days. Over the years he's called me on some of his various road trips to talk about all the silly things that are going on in the world and each time he's done that, I've been reminded of how full of life and humor he always seemed.

One time I wanted to include a Limerick in a story of mine as a joke. The story was titled "Sucks to be You" and the character was in South Korea during a war exercise. He was under a table wearing a gas mask and read: "Sucks to be you" scribbled on the underside of the table. Brad spent 45 minutes trying to get the scansion of the poem right. I was like, "Is it funny, though?" We'll never know because the Limerick is now lost on a hard drive I destroyed years ago.

Anyway. Brad recently had a book of poems selected as winner of the Cowles Poetry prize, and you ought to check it out because one thing the world needs more of is people who read poetry. You can learn more about and purchase Brad's book by clicking the button below.

The Red Book ARC Front Cover Brandon Davis Jennings2017.jpg

Below is what Brad Modlin had to say about The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault.

This energetic book keenly illuminates an absurd world—a world of airmen who bury tires in sand, and of football players who claim real men do not wear sunscreen, and of people who believe memories can be destroyed as easily as documents. “The world works without our help and without concern for what we notice,” Jennings writes. Yet, here he is, struggling to help and to notice it all. Somehow even the reader feels noticed, befriended, as—with humor and grief—Jennings walks a switchback path to a kind of wisdom.
— Brad Modlin, author of Everyone at this Party has Two Names
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