The Red Book or OIF is My Fault: Praise from Raegen Pietrucha!

The public thank yous continue today. I am sharing this blurb written by poet and friend Raegen Pietrucha. She was in her second year at Bowling Green State University when I started there. Raegen was a big fan of frozen chocolate bananas and of saying silly things and laughing at the silly things others said. Since a big part of my survival strategy while I was away from Tina was doing and saying silly things, this made it easy for Raegen and I to be friends.

Before I post the blurb, I want to mention first that the money Raegen makes from the sales of her chapbook are donated to causes that fight abuse. So if you buy her book of poems, then you will not only be getting an excellent book of poetry (I reviewed it here: An Animal I can't Name), but you'll also be spending money to help stop people from becoming victims of abuse or to help them escape abusive situations and so on. If you want to know what specific causes she donates to, then I am sure you can ask on the comments section on her website which I am linking to below. And if you want a copy of her book An Animal I Can't Name, the best way to get it is to click the button below as well. 

Here is what Raegen had to say about my book:

There's much to enjoy in The Red Book—humor and honesty topping the list. This personal meditation does more than acknowledge the inherent tension between individual identity and preordained masculinity, isolation and interconnectedness, and reality and human construct; it celebrates these often irreconcilable dualities. In doing so, Jennings reveals his unwavering faith in the power of art and its ability to save a life—even if that life is one's own. 

 A Photo of The Red Book

A Photo of The Red Book


—Raegen Pietrucha, author of An Animal I Can’t Name

Thank you so much Raegen.