OIF hits #49 for books on The Iraq War on Amazon!

 Not Calvin. Please don't sue me, Bill Patterson. 

Not Calvin. Please don't sue me, Bill Patterson. 

Hey everyone. So The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault has been out for a day, and it has already made it's way into the top 50 of one of the charts on Amazon. These charts are crazy and shift on an hourly basis, but it is really wonderful to be able to say that The Red Book is officially a best-seller in books about The Iraq War category. I cannot thank you all enough for making this a reality. 

Yesterday many of my friends posted things to share my news with their circles of friends on various social media platforms and I am so grateful to all of you for helping out. I'm hard at work here still trying to get this interview finished. Frank Fucile wrote some super deep questions that have helped to remind me of why I wrote The Red Book in the first place. 

I am still trying to get George W. Bush's address so I can send him this portrait I painted of him and a copy of the book. I am only half kidding. (Or not at all if you have the address or know how to get the stuff to him.) 

Things are a little hectic cause we're doing house showings almost daily at this point, but once I can get my feet back under me, I am hoping to have some fun promo stuff to share.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped spread the word. Please do not stop now.