O'Duffy: Bad Apple or Bad Luck?

Jordan O'Duffy was arrested on Friday, May 19th, after an anonymous tip was called in to the Riverside Police Department. O'Duffy is suspected of having knowingly participated in the planning stages of a terror plot along with an illegal immigrant who recently took up residence in the Riverrun Apartments along the west bank of the St. John River. 

Sketch of Jordan O'Duffy: suspected terrorist. 

Sketch of Jordan O'Duffy: suspected terrorist. 

The main suspect's real name has not been verified, but she is known to many Riverside residents as Zeva and was previously a custodian at Riverside High School before being fired by Howard Cole after he'd learned the truth about her immigration status. She was then hired on at Harold's Bar where O'Duffy's mother, Sheena O'Duffy, also works. Sheena O'Duffy is not a suspect at this time.

Nearly twenty years ago Jordan O'Duffy's maternal grandmother, Lydia O'Duffy, was responsible for the bombing of Riverside's Planned Parenthood Clinic which opened despite the local community's disapproval and a strong condemnation of the project by St. Joseph Parrish's Priest, Father Dermot McCloud who said: "The people in our world who I believe need more help than anyone are the unborn children that these clinics seek to snuff out."

Also not in favor of the clinic was Riverside's Burke Marker (philanthropist and businessman), and he was instrumental in delaying the clinic's opening by hiring a team of lawyers that found various zoning and legal obstacles that the clinic's founder (Chase Lorraine) had to overcome in order to break ground.

After the clinic opened, it only operated for a year and a half before it was destroyed by a pipe bomb. Three people were killed in the blast, including Burke Marker's sister, Annie Lott, who was one of the clinic nurses.

No one we contacted today was willing to comment on the O'Duffy case. The investigation is ongoing, and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.