Quick Thinking Veteran Thwarts Terror Plot.

"Artist's" rendering of Randall Thompson.

"Artist's" rendering of Randall Thompson.

Local hero and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran Randall Thompson's quick thinking and bravery resulted in the capture of two suspected terrorists: Jordan O'Duffy and Zeva Pacariz (last name and true identity still unverified.)

Thompson suspected something was odd about Zeva when he learned that she'd worked at Riverside High School for such a short time. A few days before her arrest, he tracked her to her apartment and noticed that Jordan O'Duffy entering. A few days later when he heard that O'Duffy had been arrested, Thompson ran to Zeva's apartment and then convinced her to turn herself in, stopping a potential terrorist action.

Thompson refused to comment on the case beyond saying, "She is innocent until proven guilty, and Jordan was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

But Police Chief Willis has stated that the book Zeva handed the officers on the day of her capture is "Quite a piece of damning evidence" and that "it is safe to say that she won't be free to live in Riverside ever again."

The trial will be where final judgment is passed, and it is set to begin in two weeks barring any delays or outside interference. Local authorities have stated that they are willing to allow federal agencies to "do what they must" in order to prosecute Zeva so that if she is found guilty, then she will be punished harshly and swiftly.