Colonel Grimm Last Surviving Riverside Korean War Vet Passes Away

The artist who sketched this portrait was fired because The Colonel looked way older than this.  

The artist who sketched this portrait was fired because The Colonel looked way older than this.  

Less than two weeks after Harold's Bar burned to the ground, Riverside's oldest veteran and Harold Bar's oldest regular patron was found dead in his home. 

"It is almost certain that he passed peacefully in his sleep," said Police Chief Willis when asked if there was any possibility of foul play. The reason he was asked about potential homicide was that there have been a rash of violent acts over the past few week, and we felt it was our responsibility to rule out foul play.

"Colonel Grimm was a beloved man and he had no enemies that we know of. But he was 98 years old, and no matter how you look at it, that's a lot of years to be on this planet," said Willis.

Harold's owner, Harold Lattimer was asked about Grimm's death and he said, "I always knew the Colonel would be there when I came by. I talked to him about all kinds of things. Not just his time in Korea either. The man really enjoyed rare comic books. He was passionate about one comic, "Grobbits" or something like that. He loved how bad it was. I never got a chance to check it out, but I was glad to know he had joy in his life. It's always refreshing when you meet an old guy who's been through so much and all he wants to do is laugh."

Colonel Grimm had three sons, but they all died before him in various accidents. His wife, Loretta, also died ten years ago from heart complications. It is unclear what will happen with his estate, but from what the police have stated, "Most of it will be donated to keeping Riverside beautiful. He really loved the River Walk and the Veterans Honor Park."

Colonel Grimm fought in a few battles during his time in Korea. But the most famous battle was The Battle of Old Baldy which consisted of five engagements and occurred over a period of ten months. 

This has been a rough few weeks for our town. Hopefully happier news will come our way before too long.