Colonel Grimm's Death Not Being Investigated as a Homicide

Local Residents Raise Homicide Questions in Veteran's Death

Local residents have called into the tribune suggesting that the recent death of Colonel Grimm might not have been from natural causes, and even that the police are covering the murder up. These calls have all been anonymous tips and because of that Police Chief Willis has made it clear that the citizens who believe this death to be a homicide should come forward and be brave enough to make themselves known to the community rather than hiding in the shadows. "We cannot afford to open homicide cases based on speculation and rumors when we are short-handed as it is. There is a lot of actual policing to do in Riverside. So we aren't going to go looking for work where there is no reason to look Show me a crime and I will show you an officer ready to enforce the law."

When pressed for information regarding what the anonymous tippers had indicated as evidence to support their claims about the homicide, Chief Willis stated, "The callers claimed that there was some rare comic book at Colonel Grimm's house, and, supposedly, it was worth a lot of money. None of officers ever saw a comic book in the house. So you can see why we would be skeptical about a claim like that. No comic books, no fire in this case."

If there are any citizens willing to talk to us about the comic or about whatever evident they have to support the claim that Colonel Grimm's death might be a murder, please contact The Tribune and let us know what you think happened so that we can do something. If this was a murder, then we want to get to the bottom of it as bad as the rest of the citizens in our community. If it was death by natural causes, then we want to settle it to let Colonel Grimm rest peacefully.

Police Chief Willis stated that he has an open door policy and that any citizen who wants to speak with him on this matter or any other related to the safety of Riverside need only come by the station and talk to the Desk Officer. 

There is little else to say at this time other than that we at The Tribune are very eager to help solve this case if it is a murder and very eager to settle it as a natural death if that is the case. We want the truth and we want to give the truth to you.