Pages from Missing Comic Book Located

Just a few days after Colonel Grimm was found dead in his home and Police Chief Willis claimed that there were no comic books in Colonel Grimm's home, a box of comic books that were lousy with Colonel Grimm's fingerprints were located in a box outside one of the loading docks in the Industrial Park. The books were discovered and turned over to authorities by an anonymous tipper, and it seems that among the comic books were a few of the originals from Francis Mulbarth's comic book Grobbits which was published by Aias Books before Mulbarth was murdered in Riverside fifteen years ago.

Currently we are only aware of one complete issue (#1 "Bad Cheese") and it is believed that the originals discovered in what is likely Colonel Grimm's collection are originals from that first issue. The originals (and all the comics) are in surprisingly good condition despite having been hauled across town and dumped in a known drug-addict hang-out. 

Some of the comics were destroyed and among the hundreds of sleeved comics, there were a few empty sleeves. This could mean that there were some empty sleeves to begin with, but it is also possible that the thieves had better transport sleeves or they may not have known what they were doing. It's also possible that some children took books they were interested in reading and had no idea what the books were actually worth. All of that is mere speculation, and we will make sure to report on the facts as they are revealed.

The collection is worth an estimated 50,000 dollars, and the police are communicating with Colonel Grimm's estate lawyer to determine what will be done with the books now that they have been located. It is unknown at this time if he had made any plan for the comics in his will.

Supposedly this is an original from the Francis Mulbarth comic Grobbits released just prior to his murder.

Supposedly this is an original from the Francis Mulbarth comic Grobbits released just prior to his murder.

Here is a reproduction of one of the originals that was recovered. We cannot verify it until the book is appraised and authenticated by an expert, but we believe it is, in fact, a Mulbarth original.

It is rumored that the money from the sale of the comics could go toward funding a new VFW that Harold Lattimer might be asked to run. Neither Lattimer nor Police Chief Willis were available to comment on that.