More Mulbarth Originals Uncovered

Yesterday a Mulbarth expert arrived at the Riverside Police Department to authenticate the Mulbarth comics and original work that was located in a box outside a loading dock in the Industrial Park. The expert, Norman Dashgoth, said "There are at least ten original pieces here, and it is very likely that the #1 issue of Grobbits in the box is an original copy and not a replica. So the collection is worth quite a bit of money to real collectors. I would be surprised if it didn't fetch at least 85,000 dollars once the word gets out.

Original Mulbarth Artwork

Another one of the originals has been reprinted here:

Norman Dashgoth noted that this original piece is extremely odd for Mulbarth because the Grobbits universally have red wings, and this one has green wings. In addition to that, this Grobbit seems a lot more violent than the rest despite there being no violent action in the piece. "He's just standing on a rock, but almost all of the pictures had a Grobbit looking at cheese or smelling cheese or at least the hint of cheese somewhere nearby."

When asked what that might mean, Dashgoth said, "It's hard to say. But I'm guessing this is a piece that gives his a look into Mulbarth's growth. I know that it seems silly; the wings are just a different color. But sometimes a change that minor can mean the difference between art and trash." 

Police Chief Willis still has not commented on the fact that he reported that no comics were found at Colonel Grimm's house on the day his body was discovered, and there is still no word on whether or not Colonel Grimm's death is now being investigated as a homicide. It would seem that since the comics that had belonged to Colonel Grimm were found rifled through in a shady part of Riverside that the case would be reopened. We'll continue to press Chief Willis on that matter in the coming days.