Green Tech Company, Sarkar, Looks to make Industrial Park New Home

Despite the recent U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, many green technology companies have been searching for new places where they can find affordable labor and manufacturing facilities within the United States.

According to Egan Spoor (the owner of a national tech firm Sarkar) "There is no where else in the country where I can get facilities this cheaply or where I have access to so many potential employees. Yes the unemployment rate is high in Riverside, and yes the Industrial park is in bad shape. But I believe if I, or anyone with the means to, comes into town and gives people a reason to wake up in the morning, if we give them something good to work toward, then they will wake up and they will be happy to live in this city again."

Sketch of Egan Spoor.

Sketch of Egan Spoor.

Sarkar has produced a wide range of products from solar-rechargable batteries to solar-powered air conditioning prototypes. "Our next big project," said Spoor, "Is to make a car that will never need to be refueled unless you travel more than a few thousand miles without stopping. I know this is achievable, and we will do it within the next two years. I want to do it right here in Riverside and make this community thrive the way it did half a century ago."

Burke Marker has welcomed Spoor into the community and made it clear that he also wants to invest in Sarkar's success because "If a company like this comes into town, a company that is thinking about the future, then we can be a part of a wave of new products and ideas that will breathe new life into parts of our town that are dying."

When asked about the recent arrest of a suspected terrorist and if such an arrest might deter him from investing in Riverside, Spoor said, "This is the world we live in now. If I decided that I was going to avoid working in communities where terrorists might be, then I would have to stop working altogether. We can all lock our doors and never go outside or we can figure out how to live in the world the way it is. Nowhere is safe unless we make it that way. I believe in God and I believe God gave us the ability to do good. We cannot sit around and wait for the world to fall apart around us and expect God to fix it for us. He wants us to learn and adapt and fix problems; solving problems is one of the most amazing things about being human. I aim to solve problems with science and by building strong communities around industries that will make things better for the world. When we invest in our communities, we invest in the people who live there. We need each other to thrive despite what we've been told by the people in power for the last half century."

Sarkar industries is in talks with many of the owners of the factories and storage depots around town and Spoor believes that they'll begin moving in within the year and that production, on various products, will begin next Spring.

"I believe in Riverside," Sarkar said. 'And I believe in America."