A Year of Kid's Books Post #1

So it's day number two of 2018, and I just put the finishing touches on the book I made for Shannon and her cousin to help with potty training. Now that it is done, I'm going to get to work on this series of books about Pinky Panda and her family. 

This new blog will mostly be about my journey over the year writing these books and trying to get them published. I'll post pictures and links to youtube vids when I get the time to work on them. 

I was going to do videos for all the pages I built but because I have moved to a hybrid style of physical and digital art, that means for the time being I won't be building pages from scratch and I don't have a webcam and good lighting to record the physical work as I do it. I'm also not really sure I want to since my ultimate goal is not to teach anyone how to write or draw. My goal is to write and illustrate books and then get them published so that people can read them with their children and experience the same kind of joy that I get when I read good books with my daughters.

 One of the interior pages from "Pinky Panda Goes Potty".

One of the interior pages from "Pinky Panda Goes Potty".

Thanks to everyone for your support in this, and I look forward to sharing my progress with you. I am astounded nearly every time I sit down to work on these books that I avoided it for so long. I'm lucky I meandered my way into this. 

Happy Tuesday!