Pinky Panda Bear Potty Chart

So I finished up the new version of my daughter's potty chart. It's a three goes and then reward system. Here it is with a blank at the bottom for you to fill in whatever name you like. Now that I have my mic setup working again, I'll post a little video on how I did it. You could literally do it by hand and then snap a picture with your phone and print copies of that if you wanted to. I am trying to become a better designer and illustrator or else I would've probably just found one of these online somewhere. I'll get the whole download thing set up later. I am, as usual, way behind on the things I need to accomplish this week, and I highly doubt anyone absolutely must have this chart immediately. If you do, then you can send me a message and pay me to get it to you. 

Pinky Potty Chart for others.jpg