A Year of Kids Books #2


This blog is not meant to be much more than a weekly catalog of what I’ve done on the work and search for publication of these books. I finished up Pinky Panda Goes Potty for Shannon and her cousin Kalona. It’s just a little biard book that I’ll order a couple copies from Pintsized productions, a place used for Shannon’s first book I made all digitally back in 2015(I think). I like them for the quality and that they are printed in America, but it does cost 40 ish bucks per book. But I’d rather spend 40 dollars on something that I hope will matter to Shannon when she is older than 40 bucks on something that will just get thrown away or lost in a pile of toys.   

One of the many things I love about Tina is that she actually listens to me when I talk. And because of that she got me a birthday gift that will help to keep my neck from breaking and also potentially prevent me from becoming a hunchback as I spend hours drawing and painting this year (and hopefully for many years to come). Here’s a shot of the portable easel and some of the work I’m currently doing set up on the kitchen table where I’ve been working recently just due to convenience.


The new Pinky Panda book that I’ll pitch to Immedium Press is well on its way. Three of the watercolor sketches are done. I’m doing this book on Winsor and Newton Hot Press paper and using winsor and newton paint as well as some pigma micron fineliners. Not sure if I prefer the fineliners for Pinky Panda vs the Pentel Brush pen yet but I’ll do one book each way and see what I like best or I’ll just do whatever I want because who cares? That’s the power of love. 

 Igor the Elephant is grumpy. And he is too big for his house so he sometimes wears his roof as a hat.  

Igor the Elephant is grumpy. And he is too big for his house so he sometimes wears his roof as a hat.  

There is no way I can put this blog on a regular schedule because my work happens when there is time to do it. Basically that means I get about 15 hours a week if I never sleep in past 4 a.m. But in order to be a parent who is not a zombie, that is unrealistic and also crappy. I’m not gonna sacrifice being a present father in order to get these things done faster. 

Anyway...I will blog progress and process weekly until there are 52 posts on this. Then, I guess, I’ll move on to the next thing as I continue to adapt until I am too tired and lazy to do so. I hope that day doesn’t come for many years. 

Only 50 more posts to go. Have a great week.