A Year of Kids’ Books #3

Week 3 has arrived, and I am well into the coloring for this project that I hope to finish before this weekend. I'm not trying to do a hundred books (or any specific number of books this year) but I do want to get through as many books I am happy with as I possibly can. As I've learned by writing books for the last ten years, the more I focus on completing books and actually figuring out how I need to work to get the whole book completed, the more I can focus on making the next one better than the book that came before. 

 Just a couple kids jumping in the snow.

Just a couple kids jumping in the snow.

The picture above is from a book I'm doing in a style different than I'm using for the Pinky Panda Bear books. I did all the sketches and inking on Vellum Bristol board (This was an accident. I meant to get smooth Bristol board, but I was in a hurry and grabbed what they had at Micahels). Anyway, the paper has some texture to it that I can't really take advantage of using this style. It's a little disappointing, but maybe I'll get some colored pencils or pastels down the line and finish up the originals in that style just to see how it turns out.

The program I use for coloring and touch up was released for IPAD last year under my nose, and I am stoked that I can use the full blown program while sitting on the couch and watching TV while Tina and I veg out for the final couple hours of the day during the week. 

In case you care, it's Clip Studio Paint, and you can check it out here:

I could give a long explanation for why I use it instead of photoshop, but the main reason is to save money. I do have to use multiple programs to do all the things I could do in photoshop on its own, but I am not making enough money each year to justify the expense. And I like the programs I use. So if you're looking for a program that has a lot of versatility (and that is used by millions of artists worldwide), this is a good option.

Once this book is done, I can get back to the Pinky Panda Books. The first one is written. I just have to do all the art. Which, as you know, is no big deal. You just have to get up at 4 a.m. and work. It's easy to do when you believe what you're doing matters. Happy Monday.