Dozer Counts to 10 Complete!

This year started out pretty strong with the blog, and all these things I was hoping to accomplish on a professional level as I pursue this illustration and writing career (when my girls feel like letting me).

What I’ve discovered as time has passed is that too many projects and too lofty of goals were a recipe for results that I was less happy with than I wanted to be, and it also meant that I was regularly disappointing myself by failing to meet my own deadlines. Setting myself up for failure again and again is a powerful way to demotivate yourself.

Instead of continuing to beat my head against a wall, I’ve slowed down, focused more on improving my ability so that the books I illustrate look more the way I want them to, and so that even if I only finish one book a year, then it will be one that I am happy with and hopefully one that my daughters will enjoy.

It’s taken a lot of time to figure out a work flow that makes sense and is manageable, and now I feel that I’ve actually done it. I finished my youngest daughter’s first board book that I put together and ordered from Pint Sized Productions; I’ve used them twice before, and I really like the work they do. They’re expensive (50 dollars after shipping costs), but it’s an American company, and I don’t know if there is any competition at all for people who want a single board book printed. So this is my option, and fortunately they make books that are well constructed.

I’ll likely use them again when I do another book for my youngest daughter. But if you are interested in making board books for your kids, this is the site to use. The books are sturdy and the print quality has been great. Once the finished book arrives I’ll post some shots to back that up. I only mention this stuff here because there must be some other fool parents out there trying to write and illustrate books for their own children, and some of them may be looking for a place to get them printed.

Today I’m sharing the pages that I worked on for the book I started….in March? I wasn’t working on it non-stop, thankfully. But I had hoped it would be finished months ago. It is finished now; this is probably just the way it goes for parents who stay home with a couple toddlers. Maybe not? I don’t know. It’s how it goes for me, and I feel pretty lucky that I get time to work on anything I want to work on at all; I know there are plenty of people who never get to work on the things they want to.

I was able to do a couple two page spreads for the first time, and I really like the way they turned out: some racing snails and Pinky Panda and Dozer having a dance break before counting to number 8.

Thanks for reading. Here are the illustrations:

Dozer Counts Cover blue.png

Dozer Counts one flower final.png
Dozer Counts 2 eggs final.png
Dozer Counts 3 Sheep final.png
Dozer Counts 4 Penguins Final.png
Dozer Counts 5 Notes final.png
Dozer counts six balls.png
Dozer Counts 7 Snails final.png
Dozer Counts Dance Break final.png
Dozer Counts 8 Balloons final.png
Dozer Counts 9 Blocks final.png