A Year of Kids’ Books #6


This has been a bit of a slow week as far as progress on the current book goes. But the first draft of the next book is about done, and I do have a few more of the sketches for the current book finished up. As I near the end of the work on this first book, I have started to get ready for the "pseudo-animated" versions of the books that I'll be doing for my youtube channel. This is mostly for my daughters (at least initially), but they'll be available on Youtube for anyone to watch when they're done. Animation take a long time if you want to do a Hal-way decent job, but that's true of most things. Fortunately we have computers top speed things up a bit.

Anyway. Two books are done, and I am hoping to get this third one done bye the middle of next month. 

Don't be afraid to stop by my twitch channel to see what I am working on. I do the work from 5:30 till 6:30 a.m. EST, so most likely you aren't awake when it's going on. But the videos are there to watch anytime (for free in case there was any question.) 

View the channel by clicking the button below.


I hope everyone has a great weekend.