A Year of Kids’ Books #7

So I am almost two full working months into this year's kids' book project, and I am closing in on completing my first book that I'll submit. To all of you who've asked if the books are available to buy: they are not finished, but thank you very much for your interest.

My plan for these books is to seek traditional publication once they're done. I am not against self-publishing (I've done it before), but until I have the kind of household name that allows me to self-publish and generate enough sales to make it so that the work I put in pays out more than I put in, it doesn't make sense to do it on my own. In any case, I really appreciate the kind words and comments from friends and family, and the moment the books are available, I will let people know. 

 That's a lot of watercolors on the floor.

That's a lot of watercolors on the floor.

The past week was a little rough. Everyone in the house got sick, and we did some home improvement stuff (and it was Valentine’s Day). But things are back in full-swing again on the twitch stream, and I hope to soon get the youtube channel up and running as well.   

Here is the link to the most current twitch stream where I talk a little about character design while sketching up two more pages for the book in progress. Click the button to check it out.

Thanks for all who’ve popped in and said hello on twitch. I know it happens early, but there is no other time I can work. So it means a lot that anyone at all takes the time to say hi. If you can't sleep, I'll be there every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 5:30 a.m. till 6:30 a.m. unless the girls wake early, and then I will leave you hanging. And I will not be sorry about it.

Another week down. Back to it.