A Year of Kids' Books #8

 The Spirit Panda Tree where Pinky's family goes to remember their ancestors.

The Spirit Panda Tree where Pinky's family goes to remember their ancestors.

This is the eighth official post for the year of children's books. This book is nearly done. Once I finish up the last watercolor, I'll digitize all the paintings (do color correction and clean up), and then send out to a few places in the next couple weeks: so long as nothing crazy comes up. I'll cross my fingers.

In addition to this book, I've been spending some time trying to figure ou what the best medium is for getting these locations created so that I can use them in the animations as well as the books to create a level of consistency in the world between the book forms and the animated ones. Watercolors take (me) a long time, but when I did this tree in colored-pencil I realized that colored pencils take me a long time too. So if I want the books to be the best I can make them, then it's gonna take a while. I could slop each book together with no concern for how they look each time, but I'd rather be proud of the work I do even if no one other than my wife and kids ever see it. 

I really like the texture the colored pencils added here, and I am working on a little animated short about Pinky and Dozer visiting the Spirit Bear Tree that I think should be pretty easy to finish. I'll keep refining this stuff as I go until I eventually (I hope) fall into the right combination of mediums to tell the stories the way I want to, which I hope is the same as the way they are meant to be told. 

The twitch broadcasting will continue, and I am hoping that once I get these books and short animations rolling that I'll figure out a way to make this sustainable without using Patreon, but if it comes down to it, I have a Patreon page set up and ready to go. More on that in the event that it goes live. But for now, I'm hoping to avoid it. 

Thanks so much to all who are following this. Any interest at all means a lot to me.

Oh. And here is "Robot Fry" walking. One of these days I'll finish the little music video.

Robot Fry Walking.gif


Have a great week.