A year of kids' books #5

Last week I streamed a lot of prep work for the pages I'll be doing in watercolor and ink for the book I am currently at work on. The roughs below are just some of the work I did on the stream.

Pinky Perplexed.png
Pinky and Dozer Bunk Bed.png
 This one I did the watercolor for already.

This one I did the watercolor for already.

IMG_7867 2.jpg

This is a longer children's book than I've done before (32 pages or so), so it's a bit more of a challenge getting enough illustrations (and making sure that those illustrations are the right ones.) But the best way to get better at a thing is to continue to challenge yourself, and I am going to keep doing that.

I have two books completed already this year, and I am excited to show the second one once it arrives (Shutterfly sent it to my old house....) But this book seems like it may take me a couple more weeks depending on what kind of parenting and commission demands come my way (both sets of demands are a blessing; that is not sarcasm for anyone who may be confusing my present self with my self from the olden days).

So I'll continue to build and customize the twitch channel while I work away at this book, and then when it's time for the next book, that's what the channel will focus on. (I will stream a game now and then as well, but that will be rare considering gaming is not a high priority for me at the moment). 

If you are interested in seeing what I'm up to on twitch, please stop by. I'll be posting the videos (or at least the ones that have some kind of lesson or value) to youtube at some point so people can stumble across them whenever they please, and I may make a few tutorials here and there. My main focus this year is kids' books with Pinky Panda Bear, Dozer Panda, and Igor the Elephant and finding those books a home with a press that believes in what I'm doing, and that means I won't be spending a bunch of time creating any kind of content that is unrelated to that goal.

Please check out the twitch channel, consider following me even if you can't make it to the stream (since it is free and helps me out). And if you don't know what twitch is, then I will gladly explain it to you in detail. Amazon bought it, so it's not going away anytime soon.

Here is where you can find me on twitch:

Thanks for your support. Keep on making. I will too.